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  • 350 500 750 800Gsm Woven Fiberglass Filter Fabric For Air Bag Filter Pulse Jet filter bag

    Description:Glass fiber filter cloth is made of the fiberglass yarn,with special treatment like graphite,silicon,ptfe dipping, against acid treatment and other chemical treatment. it is an ideal high temperature resist filter cloth the fiberglass filter bags are widely used in industrial dust clean area,bag house, air pollution and valuable dust recycling, etc.

  • 800-900Gsm Glass Mixed Filter Media FMS Filter Cloth

    Description:1. Operation temperature 150 Deg c,

    2. the max surge is 150 deg c.

    3. good anti-acid, good anti-alkali ,good hydrolysis stability

    4. Mean Air Permeability: 10-15 m3/m2/[email protected]

    5. It is the cheapest filter media in the bag filter filtration field. Polyester bag filter is the most popular items in the bag house system.

  • China Supplier 600-800Gsm Needle Material PTFE Filter Cloth

    Description:PTFE needle felt also called Teflon, with a good performance in the temperature of 260 centigrade, the instant temperature can up to 280 centigrade. PTFE filter felt is a special material with a good alkali and acid resistance ,anti-hydrolysis ,stable physical dimension, so the ptfe filter bag mainly used in coal burning boiler, waste incineration ,carbon black producing,Tio2 producing for fume treatment or dust collection, as well as some high temperature or some corrosive liquid filtration.

  • 350-600Gsm Hight Temperature Non Woven Yellow Color Filter Felt P84 filter cloth

    Description:Fire resistant

    High temperature resistant

    Working temperature:240 degree

    Max temperature: 260 degree

    No melting point, yellow color

    P84 fiber is with cross section structure (leaf shape), has large filtration area and excellent filtration performance.

    500gsm P84 needle punched felt+water&oil repellent

  • 300-600Gsm Weight Needle Aramid Filter Cloth For Nomex Filter Bag

    Description:Size: diameter 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm ect.

    Any length is available. Special size is customizable.

  • China Factory Nonwoven PPS Filter Cloth

    Description:Size: diameter 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm ect.

    Any length is available. Special size is customize.

  • 140 to 160 Degree Non-woven Fabric Acrylic Filter Cloth With 350-600 Gsm

    Description:Acrylic needled felt dust bag chemical name are polyacrylonitrile, use it as raw material by the needle felt up legal system, and then through special waterproof processing acrylic medium temperature is obtained hydrolysis resistance needled filter felt. Breathable 14 m3 / m2, min quantity, instantaneous working temperature: 160 ℃, 140 ℃ normal work. Needled felt in acrylic machine weaving as the base cloth strengthen vertical and horizontal force.

  • 350to 600 Gsm Needle Punched Felt Polypropylene PP filter cloth

    Description:polyester filter bag are made of 100% filament polyester fiber,after needle punched, singed heat set calender for the raw polyester filter felt material, then polyester filter felt can be sewn into polyester filter bags.

  • 350 to 600 Gsm Nonwoven PE Polyester Filter Cloth

    Description:Polyester fiber needled felt normal temperature is used non woven needle-punched process using fiber staggered, space distribution uniform fine fiber cloth, polyester staple fiber with polyester twisted yarn production by needled felt hot, singeing, or coating on the surface, such as post-processing, make its surface level off is smooth, not easy to be blocked by dust, the filter material porosity, permeability is good, use very extensive, strong resistance to chemical stability, not only can filter room temperature gas, and the filtering with acid and alkali corrosive gas, and can filter, oil filter, water is the normal temperature condition, solid-liquid separation in areas such as the ideal filter material.

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