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Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Housing


MF series MODULINE Bag Filter Housing

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Detailed parameters and characteristics for MODULINE Bag Filter Housing

Modular backwash filter MF series

- MF filter is a fully automatic filtering system based on the modular design concept, which has high reliability and flexible scalability, automatic operation, durability, no manual cleaning, very easy to open and maintain, the unique V-SLOT filter element is used for thorough backwashing, and less backwashing liquid is consumed.

- MF filter can purify fluid, protect key equipment in the rear, and follow DOCTOP to achieve high performance and quality

The standard design and manufacturing of quality and high reliability reach the international first-class quality.


MODULINE Bag Filter Housing Features

Modular backwash filter MF series has high reliability and flexible scalability, automatic operation, durability and no manual cleaning.


Operating principle of MF MODULINE Bag Filter Housing

The liquid flows in from the inlet header to the inlet of each filter unit. The liquid penetrates the outer surface of the filter element from the outside to the inside, flows to the outlet of each filter unit, and flows out after converging to the outlet header. The particulate impurities are intercepted on the outer surface of the filter element, forming a filter cake. When the filter differential pressure gradually rises to the preset value (usually 70-130 KPa);

Or when the cleaning time cycle is up, the control system starts the backwashing action, backwashing each filter unit one by one, and the whole backwashing process is completed. When one filter unit is backwashed, other units still filter normally. According to the different sources of backwash liquid, the backwash methods are divided into MFR series filters, and the filtered clear liquid backwash type; MFV series filter, externally connected with clear liquid backwash type.


- Main components of MFR MODULINE Bag Filter Housing

1 Control system

2 Solenoid valve protection box

3 Import

4 Outlet

5 Filtering unit

6 Internal filter element

7 Inlet valve of filter unit

8 Filter unit outlet valve

9 Filter unit backwash valve

10 Backwash outlet

11 Differential pressure switch

12Differential pressure switch

13 Outlet pressure gauge

14 Support

15 Operating platform (optional)

MFR filter and MFV filter are mainly applicable to the filtration of water and low viscosity liquid with a precision range of 20-500 microns. They are also good at filtering microfiber and sludge

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