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Influence factors of dust removal bag selection on flue gas emission: influence of dust removal bag selection on flue gas emission: different types of filter materials have different filtering accuracy. Generally speaking, the filtration accuracy of glass fiber filter material is as follows: flat width < needle felt filter material < bulky yarn filter material < membrane filter material; Influence of ash removal methods on flue gas emission: under the same conditions, the higher the ash removal pressure, the greater the impact on dust emission; Impact of dust content in flue gas on flue gas emission: under the same conditions, the higher the dust removal pressure, the greater the impact on dust emission; Influence of dust removal equipment manufacturing process on flue gas emission: the manufacturing level, sealing performance, welding level and pipeline sealing of dust removal equipment directly affect the flue gas emission concentration. Black powder solid produced by incomplete combustion and thermal cracking of carbon black. The particle size is very small, usually 20 ~ 140nm, and the existing form is mainly aggregate. At present, nearly 95% of carbon ash production plants in the world use furnace black process, and almost all of them in China. There are four kinds of carbon black dust emission positions: main bag filter, exhaust bag filter, reprocessing bag filter and dryer fire box. Requirements for carbon black flue gas filtration: the filter bag is required to have high strength; Good air permeability; High dust removal efficiency; High temperature resistance; Good corrosion resistance, especially acid resistance; Good ash removal performance; Reasons why glass fiber is suitable for application in carbon black industry Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as the "king of plastics", is a high molecular compound polymerized with tetrafluoroethylene, which has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication, non viscosity, electrical insulation and good anti-aging resistance. High temperature resistance - the operating temperature can reach 260 ℃; Corrosion resistance - for most chemicals and solvents, it is inert and resistant to strong acids, alkalis, water and various organic solvents; Weather resistant - with aging life in plastics; High lubrication - it is a material with low friction coefficient in solid plastics; Non adhesion - refers to the surface tension in solid materials and does not adhere to any substance; No toxicity - it is physiologically inert and has no adverse reactions when it is implanted into the body as an artificial blood vessel and organ for a long time. PTFE film is a three-dimensional network, which has a strong ability to collect dust. It can effectively collect dust without forming a dust initial layer. It is equivalent to an artificial initial layer. At the beginning of filtration, the filtration efficiency is very high, and it can work stably after ash removal. For clean filter bags, under the same filtration wind speed, the resistance of membrane coated filter materials is greater than that of conventional dust removal cloth bags, but with the extension of service time, the running resistance of ordinary filter materials will be higher and higher. However, the running resistance of the membrane covered filter material changes little and is always stable.